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πŸš€ Quick Start

🌊 Floom is an AI Gateway that connects AI to your apps seamlessly & scalably in less than πŸ•’ 5 minutes.

Generate, edit, detect or extract πŸ”€ text, πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’» code, 🎧 audio, ▢️ video, πŸ–ΌοΈ images, πŸ“„ documents and more.

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Floom is tailored to every use case, offering flexible deployment options:

  • Floom Cloud ☁️: Seamlessly host your AI Pipelines on our SaaS platform for immediate access and management.
  • Docker Container 🐳: Deploy on-prem or in a private cloud for full control and customization.

Basic Floom Architecture

Let's go!​

  1. Define your first Text Generation AI Pipeline:

    kind: floom/pipeline/1.2

    name: my-first-pipeline

    package: floom/prompt/template/default
    system: "You are a nice assitant"

    Save this pipeline configuration YAML to 'my-first-pipeline.yml'.

  2. Deploy

    Install Floom CLI:

    brew install floom

    Choose your preferred hosting:

    floom deploy my-first-pipeline.yaml
  3. Run your AI Pipeline from your app

    Install via package managers:

    pip install floom

    Or directly Download Floom SDK for your preferred framework.

    Run your pipeline:

    from floom import FloomClient

    floom_client = FloomClient()
    input="Your query here"

That's it!​

By following these steps, you’ll have Floom integrated and ready to propel your AI development to new heights.

Learn about creating new AI Pipelines.